Sunday, January 19, 2020

Motivational Words By Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Some Beautiful words said by a Muslim Boy of Rameshwaram
"One must keep dreaming in various phases if life and then work hard to realize those dreams. If we do so success is imminent "

If you are thinking of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam then, of course, you are on the right way.
I was talking about our former 11th President DR APJ Abdul Kalam who always direct the citizens of India to the right way by the help of his self-written books in which he tries to influence all Indian citizens through his amazing thought by narrating some factful incidents in his life and concluding the best out of them. -

                                        My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Action

in the name of this book, we get the most visual truth.the points below to explain all the wording of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Sir
1- Transforming Dreams into actions: Each and every person sets goals in their life but there is only a fistful who tries to chase them. If you are one of them that's a good damn. Even everyone should have to do this.
Another words of APJ Abdul Kalam Sir which he narrates to all and sure that you have also heard them
Dreams are not those which let you sleep but they are the one which did not let you sleep.
This novel is not only a life Story but also accounts for the basic facts of life that everyone would have to face during the struggle in their life and also important to religious point of view in which he always describes his town as free from all of this religious condemnation.
He describes his father as the hero of his life who sorted all the matters of the town also and also the nearest one to his mother among all other siblings. He also wrote beautiful lines for his mother:-
Sea waves,goden sand,pilgrims'faith,
Rameshwaram Mosque Street,all merge into one,
My Mother!
2- True quality does not come from a great building or great facilities or great advertisements. It happens when education is imparted with love by great teachers.
           Nature is always his first mentor through which he learns to cool down and do work under pressure.

A bone-chilling incident narrated by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam: A blast in the nuclear lab due to some silly mistake by another made him think over. Despite all this, he takes it as a new learning experience.

And I also want to convey message to all readers that difficulties in everyone's life but the one who prevails and don't lose hope is the real experience rider of  life

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