Tuesday, September 10, 2019

2 states :A great Love Story

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This time I  came up with a new love story, belonging to different community and even from different parts of India.
 After this hint all of you may have some idea of which novel I  have had come  .OK so I will try to end your curiosity by disclosing the name of  novel 

"The 2 states" written by the most poplar indian writer Chetan Bhagat Sir .

2 States: The Story of My Marriage is partly autobiographical
A story about a romantic journey of a culturally opposite couple - Krish Malhotra and Ananya Swaminathan. They both met at hostel mess hall of IIM Ahemdabad, Gujrat where Ananya had a tiff with mess staff about the food ,but Krishna somehow sorted out. 

After this, they met on regular basis for dinner and than afterwards both of them set out on walk regularly .These sequence of activities gradually develops love between them. 

After the completion of Post Graduation MBA(Economics) they come with decision to  get married.Both of them get recruitment in top level companies Ananya got recritrted in HLL company as she was good in marketing while Krishna get Job in City Bank and chooses  Chennai as its first option for work despite of his mother consoling him .

They also tried to convience their parents and arrange a peacufull meeting at some picnic spot in  Ahemdabad(Gandhi Ashram) but due to different mindset and opinion  of their parents, they failed.

The Story moves around three cities Delhi,Chennai and Ahemdabad.

In Chennai ,Krishna tried to convince his in laws i.e Ananya Parents and also got success due to his helpful nature. Afterwards  Ananya also made a clear goal by convincing Krishna mothers despite of problems she face .In course of time, there come a wedding

Now as they have convinced both their parents, they decide to make a trip to Goa to give their parents an opportunity to get to know each other but it end up with disappointment on both sides
after which they leaving, deciding their family can never get along each other. Krishna becmes depressed and workaholic after that
 But somehow Krishna Father made out and convienced Ananya parents.Krishna and Ananya get married in Chennai
And they had twince after a year .

My advice is to all my readers is to read out this interesting novel and there are many incident which cannot be narrtated but can be feel by reading .It is quite amazing story I have ever read

At last I would like to thanks all my readers and also advice them to enjoy the amazing novel 

To download the novel Click here

To enjoy the songs of 2 states movie please click on the link   here


  1. This review in much better then the whole novel..lol..

  2. best summary of the novel .i liked it even great from the movie

  3. best summary of the novel .i liked it even great from the movie

  4. Good review describing while novel in awonderful manner

  5. Good review describing while novel in awonderful manner